The investment arm of Credia Partners, dedicated to seizing the best opportunities delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors.


Credia Ventures

The venture capital arm of Credia Partners. Credia Ventures is industry agnostic and invests in early stage companies with exceptional leadership team, high growth potential and international scaling ambitions.

Alongside capital for growth, we offer our expertise in finances and vast network to assist the founders on their path.


Credia Tactical Value Investments

Credia Tactical Value Investments looks for situations where the underlying assets are potentially discounted because of an individualistic illiquidity crunch or market disruption. We focus on providing opportunistic capital to companies where an event or catalyst has strong potential to drive a positive total return.

Our structuring expertise and transaction knowledge enable us to address a company’s distinct capital needs and identify unique opportunuties.

Credia Private Credit

The Direct Lending arm of Credia Partners provides customized senior and subordinated debt financing solutions to companies. With mainstream banks reducing their supply of loans, new sources of finance are becoming necessary. As Credia Partners we create bespoke and flexible debt financing solutions that are 'tailor-made' to the specific cashflow requirements of the companies.